Technical information about PDMS

System requirements
This application operates on an Intel x86 or compatible processor using Microsoft Windows operating environment, with the following system requirements.

Minimum hardware configuration for stand-alone use:
Intel 386 or compatible
4 Megabytes of RAM (random access memory)
Monitor; 800x600 resolution

Recommended hardware requirements for multitasking environment (i.e. running concurrently with wordprocessors and spreadsheets):

Intel 486 or compatible
16 Megabytes RAM
Monitor; 1024x768 resolution

Minimum software requirements:

MS DOS, version 5 or greater
MS Windows, version 3.1x

N.b. PDMS is Windows 95 compliant.

PDMS used Borland's Paradox Engine (now owned by Corel) for all database needs. There is a user database, project management database and three databases for every project.

All page data is stored in a blob record, which allows for fast read and write of data. When a page icon is selected the corresponding blob record is fetched. The speed of page request is many times faster than opening data files via the operating system. Images are also compressed.

Pages are automatically saved whenever a new page is requested. Automatic saving provides data security. Saving each page as a database record means there are no long waits for save operations. If instability occurs in the operating system the maximum amount of data loss which can occur is the changes on the current page, not the entire project (which may be the case in a file based system).

Project manager
Why use a project manager? As developers of software, PDMS firmly believes, that users should not need to know about files (operating system information). In the aim of 'user friendliness' a project manager exists to display all available projects. If projects are to be backed-up or transported from one site (computer) to another it should be the system administrator's role to perform as these tasks are file oriented.

Benefits from using a project manager include:
Abstraction from files and directories
Extended (descriptive) file names which MS Windows 3.1 does not support
Grouping of project specific files