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What is PharmSearch?
Since its launch in 1994 PharmWeb has developed into the premier online community of pharmacy, pharmaceutical and healthcare-related professionals with over 40,000 self-registered users. The first pharmaceutical portal on the Internet has developed into an invaluable directory of information, including a library of archives from over 100 moderated discussion forums. To browse the site either jump to a section using the pull-down menu or scroll down the home page to see what PharmWeb has to offer. PharmWeb is a registered trade mark.

Site Contents

Full programs of major pharmacy, pharmaceutical and health-related conferences around the world plus the PharmWeb Conference Calendar.

PharmWeb Discussion Forum
The PharmWeb Discussion Forum is a collection of discussion groups and mailing lists specialising in specific aspects of medicine, pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and health-related issues. The discussion groups and mailing lists are designed to focus on specific areas and are moderated to ensure that discussions are within the scope of a particular discussion group.

World Wide Pharmacy Colleges/Departments/Schools
This is a comprehensive database of world wide pharmacy schools. The schools list is in the form of a searchable database and is regularly updated. The database includes contact names, addresses, telephone and FAX numbers, and Internet addresses where available.

Government and Regulatory Bodies
Links to government and regulatory bodies around the world.

Patient Information
Find helpful advice on a range of conditions and diseases online, including information on which medicines and drugs are used to treat them.

PharmWeb Yellow Web Pages
Your directory to pharmaceutical information on the Internet. Includes companies, pharmacies, hospitals, plus much more. Each site is evaluated by our team of researchers before addition to the directory.

A directory of pharmaceutical and health-related societies around the world. Also included is a list of International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) member organisations (including addresses, telephone and FAX numbers).

PharmWeb Appointments
Job vacancies in science and the health professions, updated regularly. If you want to be the first to know about a new vacancy why not join the PharmWeb Appointments Alert?

PharmWeb Virtual Library
A repository of pharmaceutical information for educational and research purposes.

Links to various science and health-related newsgroups.

Continuing/Further Education
Links to pharmaceutical and health-related courses and teaching information.

Special Interest Pages
A resource of links to sites specialising in science, drugs and health-related subjects. A starting point for information other than pharmacy.

PharmWeb Index
An A to Z index of information held on PharmWeb.

History of PharmWeb
PharmWeb was the first hierarchical information resource on the Internet for pharmaceutical and health-related information. How did it all start?

Pharmacy and the Internet
This page contains information on pharmaceutical publications related to the Internet and considers the applications of the Internet to pharmacy.

PharmWeb Internet Directory
Links to some of the best sites on the Internet including search engines, news, weather, entertainment, and many other interesting sites.

What's New on PharmWeb?
Find out about the latest developments on PharmWeb.

Access Statistics
How many people use PharmWeb? Detailed access statistics for the main PharmWeb servers.

How to Add/Edit Links
Do you want to add or edit any link on PharmWeb, this tells you how to do it.

PharmWeb and its Services
What can PharmWeb do for you? A summary of the services that PharmWeb provides.

Problem Solver
Some of the common problems encountered using web browsers.

Comments and Suggestions
Let us know what you think of PharmWeb. Many developments have been the result of user feedback.

PharmWeb Authors & Acknowledgements
Who does all the work?

Organisations on PharmWeb
PharmWeb is here as a result of the support of major pharmaceutical and health-related organisations.

Contact PharmWeb
This page contains information on your PharmWeb contact.

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