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D Berk AB BE(Dartmouth) PhD(Duke)
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Research Interests

Physiological models in pharmacokinetics
Delivery of macromolecular drugs
Gene therapy
Tumour physiology
Quantitative microscopy and optical methods in physiology






AB and BE, Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College, USA
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University, USA


Brief Career Details

Assistant Professor and Instructor, Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School, 1995-1998
Research Fellow, Radiation Oncology, Harvard /Massachusetts General Hospital, 1992-1995
Research Fellow, Academic Pathology, University of British Columbia, Canada, 1987-1989
Research Associate, Materials Science, Duke University, 1987


Selected Publications

D.A. Berk, F. Yuan, M. Leunig, R.K. Jain. (1997). Direct in vivo measurement of targeted binding in a human tumor xenograft. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 94:17851790.

M.E. Johnson, D.A. Berk, D. Blankschtein, D.E. Golan, R.K. Jain, and R. Langer. (1996). Lateral diffusion of small compounds in human stratum corneum and model bilayer systems. Biophysical J. 71:2656-2668.

J. Baish, Y. Gazit, D.A. Berk, M. Nozue, L.T. Baxter, and R.K. Jain. (1996). Role of tumor vascular architecture in nutrient and drug delivery: An invasion percolation based network model. Microvascular Research 51:327-346.

M.A. Swartz, D.A. Berk, and R.K. Jain. (1996). Transport in Lymphatic Capillaries: I. Macroscopic Measurement using Residence Time Distribution Analysis, Am. J. Physiology 270:H324-H329.

D.A. Berk, M.A. Swartz, A.J. Leu, and R.K. Jain. (1996). Transport in Lymphatic Capillaries: II. Microscopic Velocity Measurement with Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching, Am. J. Physiology 270:H330-337.

E.M. Johnson, D.A. Berk, R.K.Jain, and W.M. Deen. (1996). Hindered diffusion in agarose gels: Test of effective medium model. Biophysical J. 70:1017-1026.

Y. Gazit, D.A. Berk, M. Leunig, L.T. Baxter, and R.K. Jain. (1995). Scale-invariant behavior and vascular network formation in normal and tumor tissue. Physical Review Letters 75:2428-2431.

M. Leunig, F. Yuan, L.E. Gerweck, D.A. Berk, and R.K. Jain. (1995) Quantitative analysis of angiogenesis and growth of bone: Effect of indomethacin exposure in a combined in vitro- in vivo approach. Research in Experimental Medicine 195:275-288.

F. Yuan, M. Dellian, D. Fukumura, M. Leunig, D.A. Berk, V.P. Torchilin, and R.K. Jain. (1995). Vascular permeability in a human tumor xenograft: molecular size dependence and cutoff size. Cancer Research. 55:3752-3756.

M. Leunig, F. Yuan, L. Gerweck, D. Berk, and R. Jain. (1994). Angiogenesis and Growth of Isografted Bone: Quantitative In Vivo Assay in Nude Mice, Laboratory Investigation 71:300-307.

F. Yuan, M. Leunig, S.K. Huang, D.A. Berk, D. Papahadjopoulos, and R.K. Jain. (1994). Microvascular Permeability and Interstitial Penetration of Sterically Stabilized (Stealth) Liposomes, Cancer Research 54:3352-3356.

A.J. Leu, D.A. Berk, F. Yuan, and R.K. Jain. (1994). Flow velocity in the superficial lymphatic network of the mouse tail, Am. J. Physiology (Heart Circul. Physiol. 36) H1507-H1513.

E.M Johnson., D.A. Berk, R.K. Jain, and W.M. Deen. (1994). Diffusion and partitioning of proteins in charged agarose gels. Biophysical J. 68:1561-8.

F. Yuan, M. Leunig, D.A. Berk, and R.K. Jain. (1993). Microvascular Permeability of Albumin, Vascular Surface Area, and Vascular Volume Measured in Human Adenocarcinoma LS174T Using Dorsal Chamber in SCID Mice, Microvascular Research 45:269-289.

D.A. Berk, F. Yuan, M. Leunig, and R.K. Jain. (1993). Fluorescence Photobleaching with Spatial Fourier Analysis: Measurement of Diffusion in Light-scattering Media, Biophysical J.65:2428-2436.


Research Opportunities

Opportunities for postgraduate and postdoctoral research may be available in the following areas:

  • Gene therapy: Measuring and overcoming physiological barriers to gene delivery.
  • Use of bioresponsive peptides for gene delivery.
  • Gene therapy of cancer.
  • Gene delivery in wound healing.
  • Therapeutic proteins and macromolecules: new biophysical transport and pharmacokinetic models.
  • Lymphatic delivery of drugs.
  • Microscopic imaging and optical methods to observe drug delivery and drug action in vivo.
  • Effect of radiation therapy on extracellular matrix structure: implications for drug delivery.
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