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J A Cantrill MSc(Manchester) MRPharmS
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 2420
FAX: +44 (0)161 275 2396



Assessment of the quality of prescribing
Evaluation of interventions to improve prescribing
The primary / secondary care interface
Pharmaceutical Care
Self-medication / Self-care


Pharmaceutical Care
Pharmacy Practice


Member of the Teaching and Assessment Committee
Member of the Research Executive
Course Director - Diploma / MSc in Clinical and Health Services Pharmacy (part-time)
Senior Internal Examiner - Therapeutics and Pharmacokinetics
Member of the Advisory Board for MSc in Primary Health Care


BSc Pharmacy, First Class, University of Manchester, 1977
MSc Hospital Pharmacy, University of Manchester, 1983

Society Membership

Academic Pharmacists Group
Association for the Study of Medical Education
British Diabetic Association
National Osteoporosis Society
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association
United Kingdom Drug Utilisation Research Group

Brief Career Details

(i) Professional
Principal Pharmacist (Clinical Services), Hope Hospital, Salford (1988-90)
Deputy Director of Pharmacy, Hope Hospital (1990-1992)
Honorary Principal Pharmacist, Withington Hospital (1992-present)

(ii) Academic
Honorary Lecturer, School of  Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (1983-1992)
Clinical Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences(1992-present)
Joint Appointment with the National Primary Care Research & Development Centre (1995-present)

Recent Publications

Cantrill JA, Weiss M, Kishida M, Nicolson M Pharmacists' perceptions and experiences of pharmacy protocols: a step in the right direction.  Int J Pharm Prac 1997; 5: 26-32

Buetow SA, Sibbald B, Cantrill JA, Halliwell S.  Appropriateness in health care: Application to prescribing.  Soc Sci Med 1997; 45 261-271

Cantrill JA, Cottrell WN.  Accuracy of drug allergy docummentation.  Am J Health Sys Pharm. 1997; 54: 1627-1629

Tully MP, Cantrill JA.  The use of the nominal group technique in pharmacy practice research: Processes and practicalities. J Soc Adm Pharm. 1997; 14: 93-104

Morris CJ, Cantrill JA, Weiss MJ " One simple question should be enough". Consumers' perceptions of pharmacy protocol.  Inj J Pharm Prac. 1997; 5: 64-71

Cantrill JA, Buetow S, Sibbald B. Indicators of the appropriteness of long-term prescribing in UK general practice: Consensus development, face and content validity, feasibility and reliabilty.  Quality in Health Care 1998; 7:130-135

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