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J T Fell BSc PhD(Manchester) MRPharmS
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 2365
FAX: +44 (0)161 275 2396


"in vivo" imaging of oral dosage forms
Targeting to the gastro-intestinal tract
Colonic delivery
Gastric retentive systems
Bonding mechanisms in tableting
Wetting of solids


Dosage form design
Unit processes in pharmacy
Controlled drug delivery
Solid dosage forms


B.Sc.(Hons) Pharmacy, University of Manchester, 1965
Ph.D. University of Manchester, 1972

Society Membership

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

Brief Career Details

Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, 1969-1989
Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, 1989-present.
Visiting Scientist, Laboratorium voor Farmaceutische Technologie, University of Groningen, 1974-1975.
Visiting Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore, 1984-1985.

Recent Publications (Jan 1997- October 1998)

Z Wakerly, J T Fell, D Attwood, D Parkins. (1997) Studies on drug release from pectin/ethylcellulose film coated tablets: a potential colonic delivery system.  Int J Pharm. 153, 219-224.

G S Macleod, J T Fell, J H Collett (1997) Studies on the physical properties of mixed pectin/ethylcellulose films intended for colonic drug delivery.  Int J Pharm. 157, 53-60.

O Munjeri, J H Collett, J T Fell.  (1997) Amidated pectin hydrogel beads for colonic drug delivery - an in vitro study.  Drug Delivery. 4, 207-212.

M.J.Fernandez-Hervas, M.A.Holgado, A.Fini, J.T.Fell (1998)

In vitro evaluation of alignate beads of a diclofenac salt. Int.J.Pharm. 163 23-24

M.J.Fernandez-Hervas, J.T.Fell (1998)

Pectin/Chitosan mixtures as coatings for colon-specific drug delivery: an in vitro evaluation. Int.J.Pharm 169 115-119.

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