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October 2000
Faculty Change

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has moved to the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy. Professor Rowland is now Dean of the School.

October 2000
National Primary Care Scientist Award

Dr Karen Hassell has secured a five year NHS R&D National Primary Care Scientist Award.

The NHSE has made six Career Scientists Awards in the second round of the National Primary Care Award Scheme. The awards are intended to unblock the career pathways of the highest calibre individuals, so that in 3 to 5 year's time, they can become independent research leaders in primary care. The awards are for 5 years and are awarded to individuals, not tied to a specific institution. The award covers salary, tuition and conferences, and a contribution towards research costs.

October 2000
Major New Grant from the Medical Research Council

Professor Ian Stratford and his group have been awarded a grant of £1.9 million from the MRC for his research into tumour hypoxia. This 5 years programme from 1.1.2001 has 3 components.

* To exploit this abnormal physiological state (i.e. hypoxia) for delivery and activation of bioreductive drugs that will specifically kill otherwise therapeutically resistant tumour cells that exist in these hypoxic regions.

* Hypoxia in tumours is also being utilised to advantage to develop gene therapy approaches, such that therapeutic genes or pro-drug activating genes are only expressed in the hypoxic areas of tumours and this thus provides a substantial degree of tumour specificity.

* Hypoxia-mediated gene expression plays a profound role in tumour growth add development, metastasis, and response to therapy. The underlying molecular mechanising controlling these processes are unknown. This component of the work is to gain some understanding of these mechanisms with a view to identifying new hypoxia-based therapeutic targets.

This programme of research is carried out by teams led by
Mohammed Jaffar - medicinal chemistry
Kaye Williams - cell and tumour biology
Adam Patterson/Rachel Cowen - molecular and cell biology

September 2000
Pharmacy Practice Award to Manchester Pharmacy

Ms. Judith Cantrill was awarded the Practice Research Award at the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Birmingham. This is only the second time the award has been given and it is for recognition of "practice research at an international level". Ms. Cantrill has also been elected a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

September 2000
New Appointments

The School has made several new appointments, Dr Richard Bryce the been appointed as Lecturer in Pharmacy (Medicinal Chemistry), Dr Jeffrey Penny has been appointed as Lecturer in Pharmacy (Drug Transport) and Dr. Alain Pluen has been appointed as Lecturer in Drug Delivery.

June 2000
New Appointment in Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Keith Holden has been appointed as Clinical Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice.

22nd March 2000
Five Lectureships Advertised

As a further stage in the University of Manchester's plans for a major enhancement of the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences we are expanding our academic base. The University is also committed to a major reprovision of the School estates as part of its commitment to the development of a new planned large biomedical complex. Our School is a top-ranking, well-funded multidisciplinary, research-lead academic centre (graded 5A, RAE) with strong recent industrial connections offering an exceptionally high quality of teaching (24/24 in QAA) in our new M Pharm and BSc (Pharm Sci) degrees. We are aiming to appoint new lectureships to complement and strengthen our international reputation in a number of areas. For further information see PharmWeb Appointments.

9th March 2000
Professor Rowland receives Millenial Award

Professor Malcolm Rowland is one of 21 eminent pharmaceutical scientists chosen to receive a Millennial Award at the Millennial World Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences, to be held in San Francisco, April 2000. The recipients have been chosen for their outstanding contributions to the pharmaceutical sciences, from throughout the world, and will be honored at the opening ceremony of the Congress.

21st October 1999
Pharmacy scores Top Marks

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has been awarded 24 points, the highest possible score, in its recent Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Subject Review. The five-strong review team spent four days in the School, observing lectures, tutorials and laboratories and scrutinising paperwork, before awarding the maximum 24 score.

QAA review teams judge six aspects of performance: Curriculum Design, Content and Organisation; Teaching Learning and Assessment; Student Support and Guidance; Student Progression and Achievement; Learning Resources; and Quality Management and Enhancement.

The graded profile for the Subject Review visit in Pharmacy (18-21 October 1999) was as follows:
CDCO (Curriculum): 4
TLA (Teaching Learning & Assessment): 4
SPA (Student Support and Guidance): 4
SSG (Student Progression and Achievement): 4
LR (Learning Resources) 4
QME (Quality Management and Enhancement) 4

The full report is available on the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) Website.

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