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D Sharples BSc PhD(Manchester)
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 2335
FAX: +44 (0)161 275 2396



Development of new antiparasitic agents.
Multiple Drug Resistance and its reversal


Investigation of small molecule-nucleic acid interactions by ultra violet and flourescence spectroscopic analysis.  In particular the interaction of novel antiparasitic agents with DNA (the subject of a European Community Cost Action) with the aim of developing new drugs for the treatment of parasitic diseases ref.

H Mefetah et al, Synthesis, Trypanocidal activity and DNA binding of new benzo{b} {1,8} napthyridones Heterocyclic Communications Vol 1 pp 27-37 (1994)

Further Research

Interested in the development of novel compounds which bind selectively to RNA and the investigation of the factors governing such selectivity(studied by 2D-NMR, thermal analysis and molecular graphics). 

Involved with other European laboratories in a project studying the problem of Multiple Drug Resistance in bacteria and its reversal (a new European COST Action).

J Nacsa et al, The Inhibition of SOS and MDR by Phenothiazine-Metal Complexes, Anticancer Research (1998) Vol 18 pp 3093-3098

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