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I J Stratford BSc(Exeter), MSc(Warwick), PhD(Manchester)
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Anti-cancer drug discovery, synthesis and evaluation
Enzyme-directed drug activation for specific tumour therapy
Tumour biology, tumour physiology, anti-angiogenesis and vascular targeting
Gene therapy of cancer: Cell and molecular biology
Manipulation of tumour oxygenation for therapeutic benefit

Career Details : Professor of Pharmacy, Manchester University


1975-1977 - post-doc Gray Laboratory, Mt Vernon Hospital

1977-1983 - grade II scientist, Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton

1983-1987 - grade I scientist (tenured) MRC Radiobiology Unit

1987-1992 - Senior Scientist MRC Radiobiology Unit

1992-1995 - Special appointment and Head, Division of Experimental Oncology, MRC,Radiobiology Unit


1985    Terry Fox Visiting Professor to the University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre.

1987    Visiting lecturer to the Medical University of Shanghai and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences,Beijing.



1980 - 1984 Main Committee - Association for Radiation Research

1994 - 1998 -"-

1998 - Vice Chairman – Association for Radation Research

1978 - 1988 Medical Research Council Cancer Therapy Committee - Sensitizer Advisory Group

1984 - 1990 Radiobiology Committee of the British Institute of Radiology (Chairman 1988 - 1990)

1993 to date Royal College of Radiology Examining Board

1993 to date Cancer Research Campaign - Main Grants Committee

1994 to date Cancer Research Campaign - Ph.D Studentship Awards Sub-Committee

1979 - 1985 U.S. National Cancer Institute - Chemical Modifiers Working Group

1988 U.S. National Cancer Institute ad hoc Committee "High throughput screening of chemical modifiers of radiation therapy"


1995-1998 MRC ROPA entitled "Bioreductive and hypoxia activated tyrosine kinase inibitors for cancer therapy" total value 86K

1996-2000 MRC Programme entitled "Exploitation of physiological abnormalities in solid tumours : bioreductive drugs and hypoxia". Total value 1,780K

1997-1999 AICR Project entitled "Oestrogen mediated changes in nitric oxide synthase expression in tumours: Mechanisms and therapeutic implications". Total 108K

1998-2001 CRC Project entitled "Exploitation of HIF-1 as a new target for therapeutic development" Total value 205K

Recent Publications include

STRATORD IJ AND WORKMAN P (1998) Bioreductive drugs into the next millenium Anti-cancer Drug Design 13 519-528

(NAYLOR MA, SWANN E, EVERETT SA, JAFFAR M, NOLAN, ROBERTSON N, LOCKYER SD,) PATEL KB, DENNIS MF, STRATFORD MRL, WARDMAN P, ADAMS GE, MOODY CJ andSTRATFORD IJ (1998). Indolequinone anti-tumour agents: reductive activation and elimination from (5-Methoxy-1-methyl-4,7-dioxo-indol-3-yl)methyl derivatives and hypoxia-selective cytotoxicity in vitro. J Med. Chem. 41,2720-2731

PATTERSON AV, TALBOT DC,STRATFORD IJ, and HARRIS AL. (1998) Thymidine phosphorylase modulates thymidine-dependent rescue following exposure to the thymidylate synthase inhibitor ZD1694 (Tomudex) in vitro. Cancer Res.58,3737-2740

JAFFAR M, NAYLOR A, ROBERTSON N, LOCKYER SD, PHILLIPS R, EVERETT SA, ADAMS GE and STRATFORD IJ (1998). 5-Substitute analogues of 3-hydroxymethyl-5-aziridinyl-1-methyl –2-[1H-indole-4,7,dione]prop-2-en-1-ol (EO9, NSC 382459) and their regioisomers as hypoxia-selective agents ; structure-cytotoxicity in vitro. Anti Cancer Drug Design 13 105-123

DACHS GU, DOUGHERTY GJ, STRATFORD IJ and CHAPLIN DJ. (1997) Gene theraopy-the hypoxic cell as a target. Targeting gene therapy to cancer: A review. Oncology Res. 9 ,313-325

O’ROURKE JF, DACHS GU, GLEADLE HM, MAXWELL PH, PUGH CW, STRATFORD IJ, WOOD SM and RATCLIFFE PJ (1997). Hypoxia Response elements. Oncology Research 9,327-332

MAXWELL PH, DACHS GU, GLEADLE JM, NICHOLLS LG, HARRIS AL,STRATFORD IJ , HANKINSON O, PUGH CW, RATCLIFFE PJ(1997). Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1 dependent gene expression in tumours. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. US 94 8104-8109

DACHS GU, PATTERSON AV, FIRTH JD, RATCLIFFE PJ, STUART TOWNSEND KM,STRATFORD IJ, HARRIS AL (1997). Targeting gene expression to hypoxic tumour cells. Nature Medicine 3, 515-520.

PATTERSON AV, SAUNDERS M, CHINJE EC, TALBOT DC HARRIS AL andSTRATFORD IJ (1997). Overexpression of human NADPH: cytochrome c (P450) reductase confers enhanced sensitivity to both tirapazamine (SR 4233) and RSU 1069 Br. J. Cancer 76(10) 1388-1347

BUTLER SA, WOOD PJ, COLE S, WILLIAMS C, ADAMS,GE and STRATFORD IJ. (1997) Enhancement of bioreductive drug toxicity in murine tumours by inhibition of the activity of nitric oxide synthase. Br. J. Cancer 76(4) 438-444

NAYLOR MA, JAFFAR M, NOLAN, STEPHENS MA, BUTLER S, KANTILAL B PATEL, EVERETT SA, ADAMS GE, STRATFORD IJ (1997) 2-Cyclopropyl Indoloquinones and their Analogues As Bioreductively-Activated Antitumour Agents: Structure-Activity in vitro and Efficacy in vivo. J. Med Chem 40 2335-2346

GRIFFITHS L and STRATFORD IJ.(1997) Platelet Derived-Endothelial Cell Growth Factor/Thymidine Phosphorylase in Tumour Growth and Response to Therapy Br. J. Cancer 76 689-693

CHINJE EC and STRATFORD IJ. (1997) Nitric Oxide in Cancer: A balancing act. Essays in Biochemistry 32 61-72

GRIFFITHS L, DACHS GU, BICKNELL R, HARRIS AL andSTRATFORD IJ. The influence of Oxygen Tension an pH on the Expression of Platelet-derived Endothelial Cell Growth Factor/Thymidine Phosphorylase in Human Breast Tumor Cells Grown in Vitro and in Vivo. Cancer Res 57, 570-572

ULHAQ S, NAYLOR MA, CHINJE EC, THREADGILL MD andSTRATFORD IJ (1997) S-2 Amino-5-(2nitroimidazol-1-yl)pentanoic Acid: A potential bioreductively activated prodrug for an inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activityAnti Cancer Drug Design 12, 61-65

DACHS G and STRATFORD IJ (1996) The molecular response of mammalian cells to hypoxia and the potential for exploitation in cancer therapy.Br. J. Cancer 74 Suppl XXVII S126-S132

BARHAM H, and STRATFORD IJ (1996) Enzymology of the reduction of the novel fused pyrazine mono-N-oxide bioreductive drug, RB90740: Roles for P450 reductase and cytochrome b5 reductase in human tumour cells.Biochem. Pharm. 51 829-837

BARHAM H, INGLIS R, CHINJE EC, andSTRATFORD IJ (1996). Development and validation of spectrophotometric assay for measuring the activity of NADH: Cytochrome b5 reductase in human tumour cells. Br. J. Cancer 74 1188-1193

MALIEPAARD M, GROOT SE, DE MOL NJ, JANSSEN LHM, FRERIKS M, VERBOOM, REINHOUDT DN, STEPHENS andSTRATFORD IJ (1996) Chirality of a 1,10-bisacetoxymitosene compound. Impact on reductive activation, DNA interstrand cross-linking and antitumour activity Anti Cancer Drug Design 11, 403-413

HOULBROOK S, DAVIES S, FRY A, HARRIS AL, CARMICHAEL J. HICKSON ID and STRATFORD IJ (1996) Relationship between Topoisomerase II levels and intrinsic or acquired resistance to Topoisomerase II inhibitors in lung cancer cell linesAnti Cancer Res 16 1603-1610

HARRIS AL, ZHANG H, MOGHADDAM, FOX S, SCOTT P, PATTISON A, GATTER K,STRATFORD IJ, and BICKNELL R (1996) Breast cancer angiogenesis – new approaches to therapy via antiangiogenesis, hypoxic activated drugs, and vascular targeting.Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 38 97-108

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