Barcelona   World Congress of Pharmacy and
Pharmaceutical Sciences '99

59th International Congress of FIP

5-10 September 1999

Main Theme: Facing Challenges and Achieving Success



Sunday, 5 September: 09.00-17.00


Council meeting (simultaneous translation)


Monday, 6 September: 09.00-17.00


Opening Ceremony

H¯st Madsen Lecture

Pharmacy in Spain


Tuesday, 7 September: 09.00-12.00

The following colours indicate:



Working Groups


Symposium 1: Setting Specifications for Drug Substances and Dosage Forms Global Concept for Chemical and Biological Quality Characteristics

Chairs: Helga M–ller, Germany and to be announced

Symposium 2: Challenges of Dietary Supplements (Vitamins and Botanicals) to Standard Setting

Chairs: Jerome Halperin, USA and to be announced

Symposium 3: Rational Approaches for the Prediction of Human Drug Absorption

Chairs: Gordon Amidon, USA and to be announced

Symposium 4: Optimisation of Formulation and Pharmaceutical Technology

Chairs: Dominique DuchËne, France and to be announced

Forum: AIDS and Drug Addiction (simultaneous translation)


Tuesday 14.00-17.00

Symposium 5: Prediction of Drug Absorption in Man by Animal Experiment

Chairs: Mitsuru Hayashi, Japan and to be announced

Symposium 6: Changes/Variations for Drug Substances and Drug Products

Chairs: Per Helboe, Denmark and Helga M–ller, Germany

Symposium 7: Sexual Dysfunction: Disease and New Treatment Interventions

(Sponsored by an educational grant from Pfizer Inc.)

Chairs: Kamal Midha, Canada and Pere Berga, Spain

Forum: Health Promotion (simultaneous translation)

Chair: Teresa Bassons, Spain

CPS: Steering Committee (Community Pharmacy Section programme)


Wednesday, 8 September: 09.00-12.00

Symposium 8: The Impact of the Internet on Pharmacy Practice

Chairs: Keith Johnson, USA and to be announced

Symposium 9: Professional Autonomy The Dilemmas of Trading Profession

Chairs: Lowell Anderson, USA and to be announced

Symposium 10: Impact of Ethnicity in Drug Development for the Globe

Chairs: To be announced

Forum: Assembly of Pharmacists (simultaneous translation)

The Assembly is the major opportunity for individual members of FIP to take part in policy formation within FIP. The FIP President, Peter Kielgast, will report on the work of FIP. In particular there will be the opportunity to discuss a number of draft statements which are in preparation within FIP.

CPS: Oral Communications (Community Pharmacy Section programme)

Forum: Biotechnology: from Laboratory to Patient Care

(Sponsored by an educational grant from AMGEN Inc.)



Wednesday 14.00-17.00

Symposium 11: Position Emission Tomography - State of the Art and Future Development

Chairs: David Laven, USA and Peter Cox, The Netherlands

Forum: Quality Pharmacy (simultaneous translation)

Chair: Merce Camps, Spain

Working Group: Management in the Pharmacy

(Sponsored by an educational grant from Procter & Gamble Healthcare)

Forum: IPSF Pharmacy Students of Today are the Pharmacists of Tomorrow

Pharmacy students and pharmacists are once again invited to attend the FIP/IPSF Students Day. The objective is to introduce students to current trends in international pharmacy and to allow interaction between pharmacists and pharmacy students.

As the pharmaceutical profession is in a constant state of change, it is important that pharmacists and pharmacy students are made aware of the new opportunities facing the profession.

Working Group: Managed Care

Chair: Albert Wertheimer, USA

The FIP Managed Care Pharmacy Working Group held its first meeting in Vancouver in 1997 after nearly a years activity in searching and analysing the literature from around the world. Our colleagues shared their respective experiences and guided us to resources that we had not located yet.

The second meeting in The Hague in September 1998 allowed the draft report to be aired and the group received numerous suggestions, items of testimony of experiences as well as fascinating, thought-provoking questions from those in attendance from about 40 nations. During this year, the Working Group has been exploring those new items and then combining them into a final report that has the findings along with conclusions, recommendations and interpretations of the trends observed and studied.

The final report is to be presented and discussion about it is encouraged and expected by our FIP colleagues.

Working Group members:

Joan Duran, Spain, Philip Green, UK, Jaime Kravzov, Mexico, Henri Manasse, USA, Howard Rice, Israel, Harold Segal, Canada.



Thursday, 9 September: 09.00-12.00

Symposium 13: Evidence Based Pharmacy

Chairs: Peter Noyce, UK and Mary Berg, USA

Working Group: History of Pharmacy

As in previous years, FIP will provide a platform to the International Society of the History of Pharmacy to organise a special symposium

PI: Pharmacy Information Section

Ethical Issues in the Use and Provision of Information

Chairs: Patricia Bush, USA and Sirpa Peura, Finland

Ethical issues in health care: an overview

Paula Kokkonen, Finland

Implications of the pharmacists obligations in FIPs "Code of Ethics for Pharmacists": case studies

Sirpa Peura, Finland, Inger Duus Nielsen, Denmark, Gary Smith, USA

and Josep FarrÈ, Spain

Audience Participation and Panel Discussion

Section Business Meeting

IPS: Industrial Pharmacy Section

Setting Specifications for Excipients and Drug Substances Functionality Related Tests

(Joint Symposium with OLMCS)

Chairs: Martin Siewert, Germany and Hans Selander, Sweden

How can the academia contribute in the development of functionality related tests?

Tony Armstrong, UK

Can functionality related tests improve the manufacturing process?

Ralph Heasley, USA

How does a functionality related test contribute to an improved quality control?

J–rgen Vessman, Sweden

Functionality related tests Pharmacopoeial aspects

Henning Kristensen, Denmark



Thursday 14.00-17.00

HPS: Hospital Pharmacy Section

Update Lectures: Chair: Roger Tredree, UK

Antibiotic therapy, problems with resistance and infection control

Chemotherapy- targeting medication drug

HIV- treatment and pitfalls

Anticoagulation management control

Business meeting: Assessing Competency for Practice

Chair: Thomas Thielke, USA

Specialisation Accreditation

Performance Appraisal


MEPS: Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section

Visit to Military Pharmaceutical Installations

MAPS: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Section

Approaches to Drug Discovery from Plants

Chair: Peter Houghton, UK

Entheogen plants as a source of bioactive molecules

T. Adzet, Spain

The chemotaxonomical approach

F. Thomas-Barberan, Spain

The ethnopharmacological approach

S. Canigueral, Spain

Screening procedures for biological activity

Peter Houghton, UK

PI: Pharmacy Information Section

Patient Drug Use Information Leaflets: Where are we and where are we going?

Chairs: Johan de Gier, The Netherlands and to be announced (Spain)

International comparison of patient drug information resources

Marja Airaksinen, Finland

Patient drug use information initiatives in Spain

To be announced

Comprehension and recall in written drug information

Abraham Hartzema, USA

Drug information to patients and consumers: developing country perspectives

Mohan Joshi, Nepal and Oscar Bruce, Ghana

Individualised patient drug information: an overview of recent developments in different countries

Marielle Nieuwhof, The Netherlands

CPS: Community Pharmacy Section (Continuing Education Programme)

(separate registration)

Continuing Professional Development

Improving Patient Outcomes by Pharmacist Intervention

Outcomes in day-to-day practice

Chairs: Dick Tromp, The Netherlands and Ross Holland, Australia

Nobody likes to work for the recycle bin. What do we know of the effects and effectiveness of the interventions we make in our pharmacy? How efficient are we?

In Barcelona the emphasis of the activities of our programme will be on performance and outcomes in the practice of the pharmacist. Performance and outcomes do help us in the management of our activities as well as to show the benefits of our profession to society. Sometimes we can create and use these outcomes on our own and sometimes we co-operate with colleagues or we participate in a research project. Efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency can be measured on patient, pharmacy and society level.

The participants will learn to set up a system that they can use in day-to-day practice. For quality development projects we need to see what the effects of the interventions are and how they can be improved. Participants will also learn to contribute in a pharmacy practice research project in Pharmaceutical Care. The pros and the cons of using indicators on the different levels will be explained.

The educational and practical parts of the programme will go into data management, documentation on how to be compliant to the protocol, some pitfalls and barriers. Issues like interventions and outcomes and the correlation between these elements will be discussed. The educational approach will be problem orientated.



Thursday Workshops: 15.00-17.00

IPS: Industrial Pharmacy Section

Similarity Test (f2) for Dissolution Profiles:

The Significance in Drug Development and Post Approval Changes

Chairs: Vinod Shah, USA and Martin Siewert, Germany

Dissolution profile comparison - f2: Overview and its applications

Vinod Shah, USA

Statistical evaluation of f2 comparison

David Whiteman, USA

Industry experiences on use of f2 metrics

Other experiences from regulatory agencies

Jobst Limberg, Germany

CBS: Clinical Biology Section

Education and Training in Clinical Biology in Spain

Speaker to be announced

Antioxidants (Vitamines) in Clinical Biology in Spain

Speaker to be announced

European register for directors of clinical laboratories

Joseph Charret, France

AS: Academic Pharmacy Section

Poster podium presentation

Chair: Lennart Paalzow, Sweden

Teaching and Learning Methodology in Pharmacy

Chairs: Richard Penna, USA and Bert Leufkens, The Netherlands

OLMCS: Official Laboratories and Medicines Control Services Section

How to Introduce New Analytical Techniques in the Regulatory Process

APS: Administrative Pharmacy Section

Organisational Culture Influencing the Quality of Drug Use

Chair: Albert Wertheimer, USA

Treatment culture and behaviour: conceptual and methodological approaches to influence the quality of drug use

Qualitative research in the drug use by children in different countries

The effect of medication attitude on the safety of administrations of medicines in residential homes



Friday, 10 September: 09.00-12.00

HPS: Hospital Pharmacy Section

Methods to Prevent Adverse Drug Events

Chair: Phil Schneider, USA

Blood level assessment

Computerisation of compounding

Process Control of Prescribing

MEPS: Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section

Symposium to be announced

MAPS: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Section

Excursion and lunch

PI: Pharmacy Information Section

Current Issues in Drug and Health Care Information

Chairs: Anna-Greta Hedstrand, Sweden and Joseph Gallelli, USA

Providing drug information from the Spanish health administration

Piedad FerrÈ de la PeÒa, Spain

Need for international standards for codes and classification systems

The expanding role of US pharmacists in disease management

William Simonson, USA

New technologies and databases affecting pharmacy practice

Preventing medication errors: new tools for the pharmacist

Pharmaceutical therapy choice review in promoting rational drug use

CPS: Community Pharmacy Section

Continuing Education Programme (continued from Thursday)

Workshops: 10.00-12.00

IPS: Industrial Pharmacy Section

Pharmaco-economics in Osteoporosis

Chairs: David Taylor, UK and Daniel Schaufelberger, USA

Osteoporosis, a disease state?

Henk Mulder, The Netherlands

Models for pharmaco-economic research and pharmaco economic data in osteoporosis?

Eddy Adang, The Netherlands

Pharmaco-economics and the introduction of new bis-phosphonate

Mark Sparka, USA

Hipprotector and pharmaco-economics

M. Hindsoe, Denmark

CBS: Clinical Biology Section

See under Pharmacy visits

AS: Academic Pharmacy Section

Quality Assurance in Pharmacy Education

Chairs: Lennart Paalzow, Sweden and Jean-Marc Aiache, France

OLMCS: Official Laboratories and Medicines Control Services Section

Oral communications

Business meeting

APS: Administrative Pharmacy Section

Objective Appraisal of Pharmaceutical Care

Chair: Marion Schaefer, Germany

What should be done to evaluate whether Pharmaceutical Care has value for the profession or for the public?

Chances and barriers to implement Pharmaceutical Care into pharmacy practice

Pharmaceutical Care as a challenge for Pharmacy Practice Research

Should the sickness fund reimburse Pharmaceutical Care?



Friday 14.00-17.00

HPS: Hospital Pharmacy Section

Oral Communications

MAPS: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Section

Excursion continued

MEPS: Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section

Business meeting


CPS: Community Pharmacy Section

Workshops: 14.00-16.00

IPS: Industrial Pharmacy Section


CBS: Clinical Biology Section

Oral communications




Sunday, 5 September

First Timers Reception

Monday, 6 September

Hospital Pharmacy Section: reception

(Section members)

Academic Pharmacy Section: welcome reception

(Section members)

Welcome Reception: Fountain area of MontjuÔc (for all)

Young Pharmacists Group: reception (see Form A)

Tuesday, 7 September

Cultural Event: Poble Espanyol at MontjuÔc

mountain. (for all)

Wednesday, 8 September

Women in Pharmacy lunch

Thursday, 9 September

Dinner: Hospital Pharmacy Section

Military and Emergency Pharmacy Section

Industrial Pharmacy Section

Community Pharmacy Section

Academic Pharmacy Section

Clinical Biology Section

Official Laboratories and Medicines Control Services Section

Administrative Pharmacy Section

For pre-booking see Form B

Friday, 10 September

Lunch: Pharmacy Information Section

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Section

(as part of the excursion)

Dinner: Gala dinner

For pre-booking see Form A

Wednesday, 8 September

Hospital visits

Friday, 10 September

Laboratories visits




Congress location

Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona and Hotel Fira Palace

Congress dates

5-10 September 1999


The participants name badge will be provided at the registration desk. All participants and accompanying persons are kindly requested to wear their badges throughout the Congress. Only badge holders will be admitted to the sessions and the social events programme such as:

Welcome Reception, Cultural Event, Section Dinners and Gala Dinner.

Business hours

Banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and are open from 08.00 to 14.00 from Monday to Friday.

Commissions vary from bank to bank.

Department stores are open from 09.30 to 21.30. Most other shops are open from 09.00 to 20.00. Most shops are closed on Sundays.


All leading banks in Spain accept travellers cheques. Personal or company cheques will not be accepted at the FIP registration desk, nor in the shops.

Registration of all delegates: Form A

FIP Congresses & Conferences
P.O. Box 84200
2508 AE The Hague, The Netherlands

Tel.: +31-70-302 19 82 - Fax.: +31-70-302 19 98


Temperature during the day is between 21-26 degrees Celsius.

Credit cards

Commonly accepted cards in hotels, shops and at the FIP registration desk at the Congress venue are: American Express, Diners Club, Visa and Master Card/Eurocard.


Informal dress is acceptable for all sessions but business attire is recommended for the Opening Session. Dark suit is recommended for the Gala Dinner on Friday.


Electrical current throughout Spain is 220 Volts. Sockets take the standard continental European round-pronged plug. TV and Video system: PAL.


The FIP Organising Committee and the Spanish Host Committee accept no liability for personal injuries sustained, or for loss or damage to prop-

erty belonging to Congress participants, either during or as a result of the Congress. We recommend that each participant takes out a personal insurance.


The official Congress language is English. Simultaneous translation will be available in selected symposia.

Official travel/housing agent

Viajes Iberia Congresos is the officially appointed Housing & Tour Agent for this Congress. They are pleased to offer assistance and handling of: Hotel Accommodation, Pre-and Post-Congress Tours and Tours during the Congress week. Should you wish to register for a Section dinner, please see Form B.

Official Air Carrier

IBERIA has been appointed as the Official Carrier for FIP 99. For national, European and intercontinental flights to Barcelona the discount will be:

25% Tourist & Business Class from 5-15 September 1999

Excursion rates will be depending on availability. Tickets have to be

processed through IBERIA offices or Viajes Iberia agencies. In order to process these flight tickets with Iberia, it is necessary to show your Confirmation of Registration


The size of your poster should be: 0.95m width and 1.90m length. Posters can be hung up on Monday. Presentation will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All posters should be removed on Thursday, 9 September by 17.00 hours. The organisers are not responsible for any damage to or loss of posters which are left behind.

Press Room

The Congress Press Room offers a number of services to professional press observers. They will have access to written press material (press releases, speakers manuscripts, etc.), participation in press conferences and a daily press briefing focusing on the highlights of the day. Press observers have access to working facilities and a chance to socialise with their colleagues.

A plan of activities taking place during the Congress week will be sent to observers beforehand. Press accreditation will only be given to journalists that report for professional media that have published the FIP Provisional Congress Programme in advance and will report afterwards. Further information regarding this can be obtained from:

Kevin Moody, Information Manager

Tel: +31-70-302 1987 - Fax: +31-70-302 1999


Slide preview room

Testing of slides before presentation can be done in the slide preview room. Cassettes marked with your name should be handed over to staff in the meeting room prior to your lecture.

Visa and Passport

For participants from most countries, a visa to Spain is not necessary, but we suggest that you consult with your travel agent. For participants from countries where a visa is required to enter Spain, it is your responsibility to contact the Spanish Embassy in your country for information.




Please use the enclosed Registration Forms when you register for the FIP 99 Congress. All participants should complete Registration Form A and return it together with payment to FIP Congresses & Conferences in The Hague, The Netherlands.

For tours and hotel accommodation, all participants should complete Form B.

Your registration will be taken care of on a first come - first served basis. Participation in events included in the registration fee should also be marked on the Form. Photocopies of the Registration Forms are acceptable.

Registration fees and Gala dinner for all Congress participants are quoted in Dutch Guilders (NLG). All fees include 16% VAT according to Spanish Tax Law.

There is a limit of two (2) accompanying persons for each participant. Students and recent graduates must submit a document proving their status of Student/Recent Graduate.

  until 1 May '99


until 1 August '99


on site


member 930 1.100 1.740
non-member 1.390 1.570 1.740
accompanying persons 400 400 400
students and recent graduates 350 400 470
gala dinner 175 175 175
on site day card     525
Continuing Education


Community section members 210 210 255
non-section members 255 255 255

FIP Membership

Please indicate clearly your membership number on the Registration Form A, otherwise you will be charged the fee for non-members.

Non-members who tick and sign the appropriate box will become an individual member of FIP for one year, free of charge, from 1 January 2000.

Should you wish to make a donation to the FIP Foundation for Education and Research, please tick the appropriate box on Form A and fill in the amount (min. 25 NGL).

First Timers

If you are attending a FIP Congress for the first time, please tick the appropriate box on Registration Form A.

On site registration and day cards

The registration desk at the The Palacio de Congresos, will be open on

Sunday, 5 September from 07.30-17.00h, on Monday, 6 September from 07.30-17.00h, and from Tuesday, 7 September until Thursday, 9 September from 08.30-17.00h. On Friday, 10 September from 08.30-13.00h.

The registration fee for delegates includes:

All Sessions, Final Programme, Abstract Book, List of Participants, Opening Ceremony, Welcome Reception and the Cultural Event. Section dinners and Gala dinner are optional.

The registration fee for accompanying persons includes:

Opening Ceremony, Welcome Reception and the Cultural Event.

Section dinners, Gala dinner and tours are optional.


Cancellation of registration must be made in writing and sent to:

FIP Congresses & Conferences in The Hague, The Netherlands.

If cancellation is received before 1 May 1999, 90% of the paid fees will be refunded. If cancellation is made between 1 May and 1 August 1999, 50% of the paid fees will be refunded. After 1 August 1999, no refunds will be made. Pre-paid tickets for Section dinners and Gala dinner, cancelled during the Congress, will not be refunded.




Viajes Iberia Congresos has been appointed as Official Housing /Tour Agent

Please return Form B to:

FIP 99
Viajes Iberia Congresos
Avda. Diagonal, 523 4†
08029 Barcelona

Tel.: +34-93.495.53.06 / Fax: +34.93.405.13.90

All Forms must be accompanied by Bank cheque or credit card as a guarantee.

No hotel reservation or excursion will be confirmed without the corresponding payment.

Rates are quoted per room/night with buffet breakfast and 7% VAT included. The mentioned deposit will be charged as a guarantee for your room reservation. The deposit will be deducted from the final hotel bill at checkout upon departure.

Category A Single room Double room Deposit per room
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Hilton, P.Sofia, J.Carlos

26.215 Pts


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Category B Single room Double room Deposit per room
A.Palace, Fira Palace,

Barcino, Majestic, Balmes,


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Category C Single room Double room Deposit per room
Derby, Expo, Astoria, Sants

Rialto, Gotico, Belagua,

Forum, Rallye, Numancia,

Les Corts, Pedralbes,

San Angelo

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Rooms will be allocated on a first come-first served basis.

Viajes Iberia Congresos is authorised to reserve an alternative accommodation at another official hotel in case the one requested is not available anymore.

Reservations can only be made through this hotel reservation form.

Accommodation will only be guaranteed when reservations are received before 5 July 1999 and bankers cheque or credit card is received before that date.

Reservations received after the above mentioned date, will be on availability basis, but adequate accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

With regard to the cancellation policy please see information on Form B.



Daily Congress Tours


Sunday, September 5 / Wednesday, September 8

Departure: 09.00, return: 13.00 hrs

Price: 4.000 Pts

(Code: SUN, WED 8101)

Barcelona is one of the principal European cities in terms of its share of art Nouveau.

The tour includes visits to the principals works of Gaudi as La Pedrera, Casa BatllÛ, with particular attention to the temple of La Sagrada Familia and a walk through Parque G¸ell.



Sunday, September 5 / Tuesday, September 7 / Friday, September 10

Departure: 09.00, return: 13.00 hrs

Price: 4.000 Pts

(Code: SUN, TUE, FRI 8103)

Barcelonas importance as the capital of one of the most influential Mediterranean Kingdoms in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries is reflected in the remaining Gothic buildings set in the oldest quarter of the city.

The visit takes us to the cathedral, French in style, with its singular cloister, the Plaza del Rey (Kings square) and the Palau de la Generalitat faÁade.

The visit of Picasso Museum takes us through the work of this universal painter, from his early days to his late work.



Sunday, September 5 / Friday, September 10

Departure: 09.00, return: 18.00 hrs

Price: 12.000 Pts

(Code: SUN, FRI 8102)

The mountain of Montserrat is unique with an extraordinarily impressive beauty. Set halfway up the mountain, the Benedictine monastery was founded one thousand years ago by a personage whom the Catalans see as the father of the country: Abbot Oliva. Inside the monastery is the image of the patroness of Catalonia, the Virgin of Montserrat, the object of many pilgrimages.

Codorniu, one of the main wine-producing companies in Spain, was the first to produce Catalan Cava. Its installations are an excellent example of the application of Modernism to industrial architecture.

Cava tasting and lunch is included in the tour.



Monday, September 6 / Thursday, September 9

Departure: 08.00, return: 13.00 hrs

Price: 4.500 Pts

(Code: MON, THU 8104)

This old fishing village with its narrow whitewashed streets has managed to become a pioneer in Spanish tourism without losing any of its charm.

With its cosmopolitan atmosphere and hospitality, Sitges has a long tradition of culture dating back to the late 19th century. The Museum Cau Ferrat, the former home of painter and playwrighter Santiago RusiÒol, bears witness to this. In addition to the Cau Ferrat, the Museum Maricel de Mar and the Palau Maricel offer examples of fin-de-siËcle artistic taste, as well as noteworthy collections of paintings from the Luminist school and nautical objects.



Monday, September 6 / Wednesday, September 8

Departure: 09.00, return: 18.00 hrs

Price: 12.000 Pts

(Code: MON, WED 8105)

Figueres is DalÌs town of birth. The spirit and eccentricities of this genius of painting live on in Figueres as nowhere else. The museum, which bears his name, pays homage to his ideal and also holds the mortal remains of the painter.

The visit to the DalÌ Museum is complemented by an excursion to Perelada castle, a medieval fortress that is today home to a casino with some of the most elegant installations Catalonia has to offer its visitors. Lunch will be served in the village.



Tuesday, September 7 / Thursday, September 9

Departure: 09.00, return: 18.00 hrs

Price: 12.000 Pts

(Code: TUE, THU 8106)

The medieval monasteries of Poblet and Santes Creus, set in beautiful spots in the province of Tarragona, some 100 kilometers from Barcelona, are among the most superb examples of the Cistercian art, which emerged in Europe towards the end of the 11th century. With their refinement of style and decoration, they represented the link between the Romanesque and Gothic styles, between the style of monasteries and the art of cathedrals.

Poblet is a magnificent complex, built between the 12th and 18th centuries, with many signs of the multiplicity of functions, which characterised the life of the monasteries still evident today.

Today, Poblet is still inhabited by a community of Cistercian monks, keeping alive the spirit of its founder, Saint Bernard.

Lunch is included in the tour.


Pre & Post Congress Tours

If you are interested in receiving information about Pre and Post Congress Tours, please contact Viajes Iberia Congresos.


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