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Product Selection

* Adopted in September 1997, this policy statement gives guidance to pharmacists on the use of generic substitution. FIP supports generic substitution under certain, well defined conditions which are clearly set out in the policy document. FIP does not support therapeutic substitution, except in an emergency.

Good Practice in Donation of Medicines

* Adopted in September 1997, this policy document gives guidance to pharmacists who are involved in, or who are asked to give advice on, the collection of medicines which are to be sent as donations following natural or other disasters.

Code of Ethics

* This policy document, adopted in September 1997, updates and modernises the FIP Code of Ethics. FIP believes that all pharmacists, irrespective of nationality, culture or beliefs should conform to this Code in order to ensure that the patient's interests are protected.

AIDS Declaration

* FIP and WHO signed, on September 2, 1997 a historic joint declaration on the role of the pharmacist in the fight against AIDS. This document is available in English and French and will shortly be available in German and Spanish.

Self-Care Guidelines

* Self-Care Including Self-Medication - The Professional Role of the Pharmacist

September 1, 1996. The Council of FIP have adopted a statement of principle on self-care. This statement describes the policy of FIP on the responsibilities of pharmacists when advising on self-medication. Areas covered by the Statement are 'Pharmacy premises', 'Sales promotion', 'Advice on the treatment of symptoms', 'Request for medicined by name', 'Referral notes' and 'Confidentiality'

Pharmacy Practice Guidelines

* Standards for Quality of Pharmacy Services

October 27, 1996. In 1993 FIP produced international Good Pharmacy Practice guidelines in order to raise the quality of pharmaceutical care provided by pharmacists. These have been, or are in the process of being, adopted by many countries around the world. Recent minor changes have been included in consultation with the World Health Organisation and it is expected that these Guidelines was adopted by WHO in 1997

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