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* December 1, 1997 - CAIRO CANCELLED - FIP Congress '98 in The Hague - FIP's Bureau has decided to move the venue for the FIP Congress '98 from Cairo to The Hague in The Netherlands. The Bureau took the decision as a result of the recent terrorist attack in Luxor.
* September 5, 1997 - Career Opportunities in Pharmacy - The organisers of Student's Day in Vancouver had invited a couple of employers to give their input on an active career - and around 70, mainly young participants of course, were interested in listening to their messages.
* September 5, 1997 - FIP Elects new Professional Secretary - British Pharmacist, Colin Hitchings, was elected Professional Secretary of FIP.
* September 5, 1997 - Conference on Managing Care in Europe announced - FIP is to organise a conference on managing care in Europe to be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in February 1998.
* September 5, 1997 - FIP and the World Medical Association cooperate - Doctors and pharmacists need to co-operate more in the future. That was the message from Dr Anders Milton (Sweden), Chairman of the Board of the World Medical Association, when he met the world's press on Tuesday during the Vancouver Congress week.
* September 5, 1997 - New Internet Newsgroup on pharmaceutical care launched - FIP's Community Pharmacy Section introduced a new discussion group on the Internet during the FIP Congress in Vancouver in September. This new discussion group's members will be restricted to the Congress' "Continuing Developing Professional" course participants.
* September 2, 1997 - AIDS - On September 2, 1997 FIP and WHO signed a historic joint declaration on the role of the pharmacists in the fight against AIDS. "The pharmacist is second only to the priest in the level of contact with the community" stated Dr. Fernando Antezana, Deputy Director General of WHO.
* September 2, 1997 - Polite Intervention - More than 300 pharmacists from 43 countries had pre-registered for the two-day programme on Continuing Professional Development held during the 1997 FIP Congress in Vancouver. One speaker said "There is too much politeness in the way pharmacists and physicians communicate, if you want the doctor to feel powerful, be polite" was the thought provoking view put forward by Dr. Bruce Lambert from the United States in his talk before the workshops.
* September 3, 1996 - An innovative workshop took place during the 1996 FIP Congress in Jerusalem. Using state-of-the-art electronics nearly 500 participants were able to take part in this interactive workshop which tested the participants knowledge of common ailments likely to be met in the community pharmacy.
* September 3, 1996 - Since 1994 FIP has been working towards producing a Charter against HIV-AIDS. Now FIP has been joined by the World Health Organisation. It is expected that the Charter will be adopted in 1997.
* September 3, 1996 - Danish Therapeutics Outcome Monitoring (TOM) Project shows the value of Pharmacuetical Care. The project involved monitoring 500 asthma patients
* September 1, 1996 - FIP annouces it's first Congress for the next century. At it's annual Congress, FIP annouced that it would organise the Millennial World Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences to be held in San Francisco in April 2000.
* September 1, 1996 - At it's 1996 Council meeting, FIP adopted a new Statement on Selfcare and Selfmedication. This statement sets out the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists advising on all aspects of selfcare. A copy of the Statement is available from the FIP here.

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