1st UKCRS Symposium on "Controlled Drug Delivery - Current Perspectives and Future Horizons" - Nottingham 1995

Speakers at the UKCRS Meeting. From left to right: Prof. Sandy Florence, Dr. David Attwood, Dr. C. Pouton, Dr. Gary Martin and Prof. Bob Davis.

The inaugural meeting of the UK Controlled Release Society was held on January 9th, 1995 at the University of Nottingham hosted by Dr. M. C. Davies. The meeting, entitled "Controlled Drug Delivery in the UK - Current Perspectives and Future Horizons", was attended and very well received by over 130 scientists from both industry and academia. Professor Sandy Florence opened the meeting and reviewed some of the approaches to responsive drug delivery, Dr. Colin Pouton followed with a talk on melanocortins and receptor mediated delivery and the final talk before lunch was by Dr. David Attwood on the applications of block copolymers to controlled release. The poster session held during the lunch interval exhibited approximately 15 posters and provided a good opportunity to discuss exciting new developments and meet colleagues from the UKCRS. Professor Bob Davis delivered the opening talk in the afternoon session discussing "Biomedical Applications to Particle Engineering", Dr Gary Martin followed with a presentation on colon specific drug delivery by means of microbial azoreduction and the last presentation of the day was by Dr. Saghir Akhtar who discussed the cellular delivery of antisense and ribozyme nucleic acids. The meeting was considered a great success and attendees looked forward to the next meeting.

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