3rd UKCRS Symposium on "Controlled Drug Delivery - Current Perspectives and Future Horizons" - Manchester 1997

The 3rd UKCRS symposium was held on Monday 6th January 1997 at the University of Manchester. The programme for this meeting reflected many of the important issues in the field of controlled release. The meeting was also noteworthy as it was the first pharmaceutical conference to be broadcast live on the Internet with over 40 locations around the world connecting during the meeting.

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* Getting to Manchester

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Rutherford Lecture Theatre,
Schuster Building

9.30 Coffee and Registration

Morning Session - Chaired by Dr. Marianne Ashford and Prof. Malcolm Rowland

10.00am Welcome - Prof. Malcolm Rowland (University of Manchester)
10.05am Introduction - Dr. A. D'Emanuele (Local Organiser)
10.10am Message from the CRS Professor Nicholas Peppas, Chair, CRS Global Chapters Committee (Purdue University)
10.20am "Integrating molecular biosensors into lipid based delivery systems to achieve bio-responsive release"
Prof. David Clarke (University of Manchester, UK)
11.00am "Understanding surface macromolecular interactions in the design of therapeutic systems"
Prof. Martyn Davies (University of Nottingham, UK)
11.30am "Design of new biomaterials for drug delivery: Tailoring the structure to specific delivery needs and release requirements"
Prof. Nicholas Peppas (Purdue University, USA)
12.10pm The UKCRS 96/97 - Prof. Ruth Duncan (Chairperson, UKCRS)

12.20pm LUNCH, Poster session

Afternoon Session - Chaired by Dr. J. Batten and Prof. C. Wilson

2.00pm "Polymeric Microspheres for the Sustained Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins"
Dr. Stephen Zale (Alkermes, USA)
2.40pm Submitted oral presentations (3 x 15mins)

3.30pm Tea and Coffee

3.45pm "Pharmaceutical information and the Internet"
Dr Tony D'Emanuele (University of Manchester, UK)
4.15pm "Gene therapy - an industrial perspective"
Dr. Tony Phillips (Glaxo Wellcome, UK)
5.00pm Concluding remarks, announcement of awards, and close of meeting - Prof. Malcolm Rowland and Prof. Nicholas Peppas


This meeting has been sponsored by the following organisations:

Controlled Release Society


Elsevier Science

Esteem Ltd




Polymer Laboratories

Taylor & Francis

Zeneca Pharmaceuticals

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