3rd UKCRS Symposium on "Controlled Drug Delivery - Current Perspectives and Future Horizons" - Manchester 1997

Report on Multicast Conference on the Internet

PharmWeb was pleased to have broadcast the 3rd UKCRS Symposium on "Controlled Drug Delivery - Current Perspectives and Future Horizons". The meeting was the first pharmaceutical conference to be broadcast live on the Internet. Amongst the speakers at the meeting were Dr. Tony D'Emanuele, the creator and developer of PharmWeb.

Technology for the broadcasting of live events on the Internet is still in its infancy with the quality of broadcast largely being determined by the limited bandwidth of the Internet. Bandwidth is continuously improving and it may well be that in 5 years time we will be routinely watching events such as this via fast digital connections.

The conference was broadcast using the Mbone and was received by approximately 40 sites around the world. The conference was monitored in London where the broadcast quality was reported to be good. PharmWeb plans to broadcast further meetings via the Internet.


Meeting Organiser: Antony D'Emanuele, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Manchester

Internet Broadcasting: George Neisser, Manchester Computing, University of Manchester

Audio-Visual: Eddie Poole, A/VCentre, University of Manchester

Computer Support: John Heaton

Sponsors: Hardware for the multicast was provided by Esteem Ltd

Copyright?1996 UKCRS

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