UKICRS Mailing List

The UKICRS Mailing List will keep you informed of latest news from the CRS and UKICRS. You can join/leave anytime using the form on this page. E-mail traffic will be low and only e-mail that relates to UKICRS and CRS activities will be sent to subscribers.

Joining/Leaving the UKICRS Mailing List

If you would like to join or leave this list then please submit the form below. If you join the group then an e-mail message will be sent to you confirming your request. Once you receive this e-mail, please respond within 7 days to confirm that you wish to join the list. Please note that a reply will only be sent to a valid e-mail address (if you do not receive a message your e-mail address may not have been recognised).

A help file can also be obtained using this form. This will explain how to use this service using simple e-mail commands rather than a web interface.

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