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If you would like to add a link to the PharmWeb Yellow Web Pages please send us the following information:

Name of organisation (name of link)

URL (eg.

Section of PharmWeb Yellow Web Pages* (e.g. diagnostics, pharmaceutical companies)

Region the organisation operates (eg. International, USA, Europe)

Your name

Your e-mail address

* If your organization does not fall into one of the existing sections on the PharmWeb Yellow Web Pages let us know what would be an appropriate description for your organization.

All submissions are verified and we reserve the right not to add submitted entries to the PharmWeb Yellow Web Pages. Sufficient information on the organisation and the names of contact people must be available on a web site if it is to be considered for inclusion on PharmWeb. Only submissions from organisations with registered domain names will be considered.

There is presently no charge for placing an entry in the PharmWeb Yellow Web Pages, however, there is a nominal charge for an extended entry which can be used to describe your organization e.g.:

* LocumWeb UK
an Internet locum service - UK

Please note that whilst there are no charges for placing entries in the PharmWeb Yellow Web Pages, there is a charge for editing/updating existing links.

Organizations maintaining their pages on PharmWeb have their complete site indexed and included on the Database free of charge.

If you would like details of charges or have any other enquiries please contact us at PharmWeb.

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