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Volume 9 (1) January/February 1995

Brave new world

Communications at all kinds of levels will increase dramatically during the next decade, so say all the experts. They also agree that one of the most important tools in this process will be computers. They already exist at most working places and homes.

The next step will be that they start communicating with each other. One of the most popular ways to do this is with Internet. Even though mainly universities and Schools of Pharmacy in our profession are working on Internet so far, more and more pharmacists will use this network to exchange documents and seek information from colleagues.

FIP is also working with the Internet system. Some of the information, which will be useful for our members will, in future, be given in a new column, to be called 'News from Internet'. For more information, see also the column 'From the General Secretary's Desk', page 6, in this journal. FIP welcomes you to the brave new world of computer communication.

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