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Volume 9 (2) March/April 1995

Net Watch

Welcome to the Net Watch column where we will be looking at new developments on the Internet that may be of interest to pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The Internet is a worldwide network of information resources and a powerful communication tool. Due to advances in software and hardware, using the Internet is now simple and intuitive.

If you are new to the Internet, the article in this issue of the International Pharmacy Journal is a good starting point. Two of the more important sections of the article concern the World Wide Web (WWW) and E-mail, probably the most useful services on the Internet for pharmacists.

The main types of service that will be covered in Net Watch will be accessible using the WWW. The WWW is probably the most simple and powerful method of providing and retrieving information and is designed to offer a user friendly and consistent interface to the vast resources on the Internet. One of the services available on the WWW is PharmWeb, an information database and directory of pharmacy information resources e.g. information on companies on the Internet, schools of pharmacy, societies (including several FIP pages), conferences, plus lots more may be found. There are also links to many other pharmacy-relevant Internet sites, some of which will be discussed in forthcoming issues.

A new database has been set up on PharmWeb called the PharmWeb Directory. It is a database of people working in pharmacy and related areas. The PharmWeb Directory is searchable and a person may be found by entering keywords. The Directory is automatically updated each year. The Directory has just been set up, and if you would like to register, please go to the PharmWeb home page:

FIP is also a part of the PharmWeb WWW system. FIP has its own page:

If you have anything that you would like covered in this column, or any sites that you have found which may be of interest, please contact me by e-mail at e-mail

Dr. A. D'Emanuele
Department of Pharmacy, University of Manchester

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