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Volume 9 (4) July/August 1995

Net Watch

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has helped in the development of PharmWeb (FIP included), your efforts have not gone unnoticed! PharmWeb was recently reviewed on a UK television programme dealing with computers and the Internet. The PharmWeb team were "congratulated" for their site and were one of the "Web Sites of the Week". The TV programme was called "The Program" and its URL is:

Several pharmacy-related companies and societies have set up pages on the Internet in the last few months and there has been considerable investment by companies into the Internet. The Internet may well change from its present form in the next few years, but it will inevitably become a commonly used tool for many people, and it is certainly here to stay! The first pharmaceutical company on the Internet was Eli Lilly and Company. They have a page with a message from their chairman together with other details on their company. Other companies such as Genetech Inc. and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corporation include detailed information on some of their products. The first pharmacy-related society on the Internet was the United Kingdom-Ireland chapter of the Controlled Release Society (UKICRS). Other societies now on the Internet include AAPS, FIP, ISPE, and the PDA. These pages serve to provide up-to-the-minute information for members, details of how to become a member, information on meetings, etc. Links to these and other companies/societies may be found on PharmWeb.

The PharmWeb Appointments pages have proved to be particularly popular. Here you can find details of positions available to pharmacists and related professionals around the world. The Appointments pages are relatively new and only a few positions have been advertised, however, there has been considerable interest. In the month of May alone there were 1033 requests for these pages!

FIP have updated their conference page on the Internet. FIP compile a list of conferences that may be of interest to pharmacists and produce a listing extending well into 1996. This list is regularly updated. If you have a conference that you would like to add to the FIP dairy/calendar, please send an e-mail message to:

If you have found any interesting sites on the Internet that would be of interest to the pharmacy community, let me know at the e-mail address at the end of this column. I will add the link on the relevant PharmWeb page and may also mention the site in this column.

Dr. A. D'Emanuele
University of Manchester

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