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Volume 10 (2) March/April 1996

By the time this article goes to print there will be an exciting new section on PharmWeb which could develop into an important communication tool for health professionals around the World. The section will be called the PharmWeb Discussion Forum and will be a collection of discussion groups.

Discussion groups (also known as mailing lists) are used to send messages/information to a group of people with similar interests. A discussion group is controlled by a computer (mail server) which forwards a copy of any message it receives to those people who have chosen to join (subscribe) the discussion group. If a member of the discussion group (subscriber) contributes to a discussion group then the message sent will be forwarded to everyone else who is part of that discussion group. It is therefore a useful means of disseminating information to a particular group of people. Some discussion groups are moderated so that messages are checked for suitability before being distributed to other members of the discussion group.

The PharmWeb Discussion Forum will be a collection of discussion groups and mailing lists specialising in aspects of medicine, pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and health-related issues. The groups will be designed to focus on specific areas and some will be moderated to ensure that discussions are within the scope of a particular discussion group. Mailing lists have traditionally been user unfriendly, however, the PharmWeb Discussion Forum makes the joining of and contribution to discussion groups simple by using Web pages and forms.

Two of the mailing lists that have been set up will be of particular interest to FIP and IPSF members. Members can join the list and receive latest FIP and IPSF news within minutes. Information on conferences, membership information etc. may be passed on by this route. A PharmWeb mailing list has also been set up which will be used to inform PharmWeb users of new developments.

Another new section on PharmWeb is PharmWeb UK. These pages concentrate on issues affecting the different branches of pharmacy in the UK.

As usual, if you have found any interesting sites on the Internet that we have not listed on PharmWeb and that may be of interest to the pharmacy community, please let us know.

Dr. A. D'Emanuele


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