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Volume 11 (1) January/February 1997

A Happy New Year to all FIP members. PharmWeb has had a busy start to the year, access statistics for PharmWeb reached a record high in January with page requests to the UK mirror sites alone exceeding a quarter of a million!! Many of the visitors to PharmWeb in January were looking in to witness a historic event. The first pharmaceutical conference to be broadcast live over the Internet was organised by PharmWeb on the 6th January 1997. Internet users around the world could look in and watch the 3rd UKCRS Symposium on "Controlled Drug Delivery - Current Perspectives and Future Horizons". The conference was broadcast using the Mbone and we plan further events such as these on PharmWeb. Full details of the multicast conference, plus a few video clips, can be found on the UKCRS web page.

The PharmWeb search engine, PharmSearch, has proved to be very popular. The search engine has expanded in recent weeks and a new section has been created enabling users to search all messages sent to the PharmWeb Discussion Forum. The discussion groups in the PharmWeb Discussion Forum are different to conventional newsgroups and mailing lists in that they are all moderated. This means that focused discussions can take place and annoying advertisements and junk mail are filtered out. Moderators for the various discussion groups are selected professionals from around the world who ensure that high quality information is exchanged between scientists and health-professionals. The most successful of these discussion groups has been the pharmaceutical science and technology discussion group. If you have not used a discussion group before, you may be interested in seeing how they work .

A number of new organisations have also recently joined PharmWeb, including Chugai Pharma Europe Ltd. We would like to thank all our sponsors for supporting the development of PharmWeb.

As usual, if you have found any interesting sites on the Internet that we have not listed on PharmWeb and that may be of interest to the pharmacy community, please let us know.

Dr. A. D'Emanuele


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