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Access Statistics

Number of Hits and Requests for Pages from the PharmWeb Servers

The graphs below show the number of requests for pages from the PharmWeb servers and also the 'hit' rate. The page downloads do not include image downloads (jpegs and gifs), which can greatly inflate access statistics. Many Web sites quote access statistics in the form of "number of hits" which usually represents total file downloads. This can result in misleading statistics, particularly if pages contain several images. For example, if a Web page contains 12 images, then one page request will usually count as 13 hits since 13 files will be downloaded (1 page of text and 12 images). This "Access Statistics" page therefore represents one page download, however, it also could be counted as 8 hits! PharmWeb is not a graphic intensive site, however, as can be seen when we report 'hits', we can vastly inflate our statistics!

The statistics shown on this page are updated periodically. PharmWeb has been accessed by over 200 countries.

Number of Sites Requesting Pages from the PharmWeb Servers

The following graph shows the number of identifiable sites accessing the PharmWeb servers. The values are an underestimate as not all sites (usually greater than 20%) accessing PharmWeb are identifiable. In general, Internet providers such as demon (, compuserve or aol represent one site.

Number of Countries Accessing the PharmWeb Servers

The following graph shows the number of countries accessing PharmWeb each month.

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