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PharmWeb and its Services


*PharmWeb is the first structured pharmaceutical information server on the Internet (established 1994)
*PharmWeb is the first specialist Internet provider for pharmaceutical and health related organisations
*PharmWeb is managed and operated by pharmacists and medical communications specialists
*PharmWeb is mirrored at sites all over the World ensuring fast local access to information
*PharmWeb has a large readership composed of patients, health professionals and scientists in over 177 countries
*PharmWeb enables you to deliver information to your target audience
*PharmWeb enables you to profile your site
*PharmWeb has a fast state-of-the-art secure server dedicated to PharmWeb with a 100Mb/s port connected to one of the most advanced networks on the Internet (SuperJANET).
*PharmWeb provides a wide range of services such as web space, page design and authoring, graphics design, domain registration, and programming
*Join a growing number of major organisations who have chosen PharmWeb


What is PharmWeb?

The sheer volume of material now available on the Internet can make the search for specific and reliable information difficult and frustrating. This situation is likely to worsen with time. PharmWeb is the first-stop Internet site for pharmaceutical information. High quality information provided by international professional organisations is delivered by PharmWeb to patients and health professionals using the latest Internet technology. PharmWeb is a well developed and structured site which has been designed to be fully interactive. Information is retrieved and disseminated using several methods including the use of mailing lists, forms, responsive questionnaires and on-line databases.

PharmWeb is the first specialist Internet provider for pharmaceutical and health-related organisations providing a range of services from simple page storage and web site design to an extensive range of Internet services and programming expertise.


PharmWeb Services

Web Space

Pharmaceutical and health-related organisations can maintain and develop their pages on PharmWeb. Restricted access areas can be provided thus enabling access only to authorised users. Unique domain names may be used to access web sites maintained on PharmWeb e.g. and If your organisation presently uses a conventional Internet provider and have a registered domain name, we can help you move to PharmWeb with no interruption of service and with no change in domain name. The PharmWeb server is restricted to the use of PharmWeb clients therefore ensuring fast processing and page delivery. PharmWeb also offers a secure server for transactions that require encryption e.g. patient information, credit card details.

Site Design

PharmWeb can design, create and manage web sites. PharmWeb can develop sites which organisations subsequently manage themselves, or alternatively, provide a service where pages are managed and updated by our web authors. Examples of sites designed by PharmWeb include those of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC), International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), Pharmaceutical Quality Group, and St. James's University Hospital.


Sponsorship of certain pages on PharmWeb, such as the PharmWeb Yellow Web Pages and PharmWeb Discussion Forum, enables organisations to profile themselves on one of the busiest pharmaceutical sites on the Internet. If you would like further information on placing banners on PharmWeb please click here.


Conferences may be listed on PharmWeb. PharmWeb allows organisations to develop on-line conference programmes with information on accommodation, travel arrangements etc. Our secure server also enables on-line registration. PharmWeb can also broadcast your meeting live on the Internet. The first pharmaceutical conference to be multicast via the Internet took place in Manchester and was managed by PharmWeb.


The PharmWeb Appointments section allow employers to advertise their vacancies world-wide. Information is made available to potential applicants at the touch of a button 24 hours a day.

Mailing Lists/Discussion Groups

PharmWeb can create and manage mailing lists and discussion groups. Organisations can deliver information and communicate with specific groups of people around the World. Discussion groups may be moderated if necessary.

Training Courses

PharmWeb can offer training courses on the Internet. PharmWeb can also provide training to organisations to enable them to manage and develop their own Internet sites.


History of PharmWeb

PharmWeb was created and developed as a personal hobby of Prof. A. D'Emanuele in the UK in 1994. PharmWeb was the first hierarchical information resource on the Internet for pharmaceutical and health-related information. Amongst it's many initiatives, PharmWeb developed the first pharmaceutical society pages on the Internet (UKICRS), the first directory of health professionals on the Internet, and broadcast the first pharmaceutical conference live on the Internet. PharmWeb has been reviewed on television, radio, newspapers and the pharmaceutical press and has been recognised as a pioneering initiative. The creator of PharmWeb has published several papers on the Internet and the applications to the delivery of information. Indeed, an article published in early 1995 predicted many of the developments that have taken place on the Internet.

As PharmWeb grew, it attracted much interest from health professionals around the world and several international organisations began to collaborate with PharmWeb to develop pharmaceutical information resources on the Internet. PharmWeb owes much of its success to the support received from major organisations who were keen to use this new communications medium. Organisations such as the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) sponsored some of the early developments on PharmWeb including on-line databases and Internet discussion groups. Several other organisations have now also joined PharmWeb.

Until recently, PharmWeb was operated with minimal resources and was maintained by Tony D'Emanuele, assisted by John Heaton and Anthony Howarth, in their spare time. This has now changed with the investment of resources into PharmWeb. PharmWeb has developed into a professionally managed Internet provider specialising in pharmaceutical and health related information.


PharmWeb Developments

There have been many major developments on PharmWeb since 1994, many of them in response to the regular feedback that is received from readers. Major new items are announced on the "What's New Page" and circulated to readers on the PharmWeb News Mailing List.


PharmWeb and IT Research

As pioneers of the delivery of pharmaceutical information via the Internet, Prof. D'Emanuele's group have considerable expertise in Internet technology and its applications. International collaborations are being developed with the aim of developing new methods of delivering pharmaceutical information via the Internet.


Further Information

If you would like further information please contact us at PharmWeb.


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