EUFEPS Fourth International Conference on

Drug Absorption

Towards Prediction and Enhancement of Oral Drug Absorption in Man



Friday 13 June

Welcome and Introduction

Laurie Prescott/Malcolm Rowland


Session 1

Mechanisms Involved in Drug Absorption

(Chairmen - Laurie Prescott/Peter Dadonna)

The gastrointestinal tract - a modern view

Ernest Wright (USA)

Absorption of small molecules

Barry Hirst (UK)


Break - Posters


Absorption of oligonucleotides

Stanley Crooke (USA)

Absorption of macromolecules

To be announced

Efflux proteins and drug metabolism

Les Benet (USA)


Lunch - Posters


Session 2

Tools for Studying and Predicting

Human Drug Absorption

(Chairmen - Malcolm Rowland/Jacky Vonderscher)

Intestinal cell monolayers - Caco2 and beyond

Per Artusson (Sweden)

Are Caco2 cells predictive of transport and/or

metabolic properties of mammalian intestinal tissues?

Werner Rubas (USA)

Whole animal models for oral drug absorption

Jennifer Dressman (Germany)


Break - Posters


Regional intestinal perfusion in humans: an approach to study molecular mechanisms of intestinal membrane transport of drugs in vivo

Hans Lennern?s (Sweden)

Non-invasive techniques to study human drug absorption

Ian Wilding (UK)


End of Session 2


Evening Reception


Saturday 14 June

Session 3

Predicting Drug Absorption from

Structural and Physicochemical Information

(Chairmen - Ron Borchardt/Norman Ho)

Biophysical models and approaches

Norman Ho(USA)/Phil Burton (USA)

Paracellular permeation

Malcolm Rowland (UK)

Active intestinal transport - peptide and monocarboxylate drugs

Akira Tsuji (Japan)


Break - Posters


Application of physicochemical methods to prediction of oral drug absorption

J Van de Waaterbeemd (Switzerland)

Drug dissolution and absorption: application to prediction and regulation

Gordon Amidon (USA)

Computational approach to potential absorption problems: analysis of human data

Christopher Lipinski (USA)


Lunch - Posters


Session 4

Overcoming Oral Absorption Problems

(Chairmen - Gordon Amidon/Mistura Hashida)

Formulation strategies for poorly water soluble drugs

Larry Sternson (USA)

Formulation strategies for water soluble drugs

Hans Junginger (The Netherlands)

Application of the prodrug principle

Ron Borchardt (USA)


Break - Posters


Enhancing delivery of peptides/ oligonucleotides

Bob Davis (UK)

Enhancing delivery of macromolecules

To be announced

Gene therapy expression and enhancement in

the gut

Peter Daddona (USA)


End of session 4


Conference Dinner


Sunday 15 June

Session 5

Integrating Discovery and

Development - Case Histories

(Chairman - Douwe Breimer)

Combinatorial screening approaches for selection of development candidates &endash; experiences within SmithKline Beecham

Phil Smith (USA)

Experiences within Glaxo Wellcome




Session 6

Regulatory Issues and Guidelines

(Chairman - Les Benet)

"The Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS): How useful is it in assessing and maintaining

quality of oral dosage forms?"

Research to policy: evolution of the BCS in regulatory decision making

Larry Lesko (USA)

Analysis of NDA and ANDA data base for validation

Ajaz Hussain (USA)

What more needs to be done? - general discussion


Closing address -

Laurie Prescott/Malcolm Rowland





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