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  Alternative/Complementary Medicine

  Homeopathy Home Page

  National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

Alternative Health Tip:
Many people who are committed to an alternative lifestyle find that incorporating supplements into their regimen is an easy way to get their daily nutrients without sacrificing their healthful diet. Iron, for example, is an important, yet often overlooked mineral that our body requires for optimum operation. Iron supplements are an easy, vegetarian option for increasing and maintaining our iron stores.


  BMEnet (Biomedical Engineering Resource)

  The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Biosciences


  Biotechnology Portal



  Chemistry Information Service

  The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemistry

  * Periodic Table


        Lenntech Periodic Table

  WWW Chemistry Guide

  Community/Retail Pharmacy









  Drug Control (including alcohol, narcotics, tobacco)

  The Web of Addiction

  United Nations International Drug Control Programme

  Drug Information

  See PharmWeb Yellow Web

  Food and Nutrition

  Food and Nutrition Information Center (USDA)


  Genetics WWW Resources


  Information on funding sources

  Health Economics

  Health Economics - Places to Go

  Health Information

  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Guidelines - NIH

  Family Health Home Page

  Health Science Degrees & Resources Online

  National Library of Medicine Health Services - NIH


  PharmWeb Patient Information

  Travel Health Information

  World Health Organization

  History of Pharmacy

  History of Pharmacy Web Pages

  The Medicine Museum


  HospitalWeb - hospitals on the Internet

  Hospital Pharmacy








  Center for Disease Control and Prevention Immunization Information Page


  PubList, database of journals, newsletters and periodicals

  Journals relevant to Pharmacy


  The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Biosciences - Medicine

  * AIDS

        AIDS Patents Project



  * Cancer

        CancerNet - NIH

        Oncology Resources

  Medical Dictionaries

  Medical Dictionary commissioned by The European Commission

  The Merck Manual


  All the Virology on the WWW


  The Microbial Strain Data Network (MSDN)

  The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Microbiology and Virology (Biosciences)

  Nuclear Pharmacy

  The Nuclear Pharmacy



  Patient Information

  * - Patient Information

  Pharmaceutical Industry



  Innovation.org - the world of pharmaceutical discovery




  Botanical Dermatology Database

  Herb Research News


  Southwest School of Botanical Medicine


  Pharmacokinetic Resources, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  The Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics, USC

  Pharmacy Practice and Social Pharmacy

  Cochrane Collaboration

  National Electronic Library for Health - Primary Care

  Netting the Evidence

  NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

  Pharmacy Technicians

  Pharmacy Technician Certification Board


  Podiatry Related Links


  Neural Network, University of Texas



  British Pharmaceutical Students Association (BPSA)

  European Pharmaceutical Students Association (EPSA)

  International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF)

  Slovenian National Pharmacy Students Organisation (SSSFD)



  Maryland Poison Center

  National Poison Centre, Malaysia

  Poisons Information Database, National University of Singapore


  Vaccination (Travel Information)

  Center for Disease Control and Prevention Home Travel Information Page

  Emporiatrics: An Introduction To Travel Medicine

  Fit for Travel


  The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Veterinary Medicine

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