Continuing Professional Development Programme
Discussion Group

This discussion group is for participants of the Continuing Professional Development Programme of the Community Pharmacy Section of FIP. The aim of the discussion group is to support pharmacists who want to implement pharmaceutical care into their practice.

At the 1997 FIP meeting in Vancouver the issue of communication with doctors and patients was discussed. In the 1998 FIP meeting (The Hague) the management of pharmaceutical care will be the major theme and in the 1999 Barcelona meeting the outcome of these activities will be discussed.

Participants of the Continuing Professional Development Programme should use this discussion group to exchange experiences concerning the implementation and practice of the contents of the Educational Programmes.

To access the discussion group you must have been a participant of the Vancouver programme or you should intend to go to future programmes. By participating in this group you will be updated on latest developments.

In order to use the group you will first have to obtain a username which will let you access the discussion group. You can obtain this username by filling in an on-line form. If you are already a member you will have received a username and password and you can go straight to the discussion group.

We expect that messages submitted are within the scope of the discussion group. The group should not be used as a forum to advertise products or services of any kind.

Prof. ThFJ Tromp (Department of Pharmacy, Groningen University) is responsible for the Continuing Development Programme. If you have any questions regarding the discussion group please contact T. W. M. van der Werf (Department of Pharmacy, Groningen University).

This web page and discussion group has been designed by Dr. A. D'Emanuele (School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Manchester).

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