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Paracetamol has been in use as an analgesic for home medication for over 30 years and is accepted as a very effective treatment for the relief of pain and fever in adults and children.

The Paracetamol Information Centre is an independent source of information, fact, and background detail, for journalists on all aspects of the clinical and home use of paracetamol. It is funded by the Paracetamol Advisory Group, a group advising the UK manufacturers of medicines containing paracetamol on all scientific and general aspects of paracetamol usage. By using the Paracetamol Information Centre as an information resource, journalists can verify facts for stories, discuss claims being made, seek further information on specific issues, or ask for help in constructing an article which features paracetamol.

As a service to all media, the Paracetamol Information Centre should prove a very useful point of contact indeed. Please get in touch whenever you have a query about paracetamol.

Paracetamol Information Centre
Highlands Barn
Hardwick Road
Norfolk IP20 9PJ

Tel: 01379 852983
Fax: 01379 852135
E-mail: gbrandon@btinternet.com

Director: Dr. Geoffrey Brandon