A Guide to the Treatment of Common Ailments

WARNING: These pages are not designed to take the place of doctors, pharmacists or other healthcare professionals. As such they should only be used as a guide. Seek advice from a healthcare professional if you are in any doubt about your health or any information in this section.

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There are five factors to consider when considering a treatment for the common ailments described in these pages:

Who is the medicine going to be used by?

Is the medicine for use by one person or a group, if it is for a group is it suitable for all of the members of the group.?
Are any children going to be using the medicine, if so, is it suitable for use in their age group?

What are the symptoms?

Try to find out all of the symptoms affecting the person to be treated, no matter how embarrassing they may be, as they may be quite important.

How long has the person had the symptoms?

If the individual has had the symptoms for a considerable length of time it may be worth considering a visit to the doctor who can often treat with stronger medicines that will work much faster.

Have they tried anything else for this condition?

If the condition is stubborn and several remedies have already been used with no success it may be time to visit the doctor who can prescribe stronger medicines than those that are available from your chemist.

Do they take any other medicines for anything else?

Does the person to be treated take medication for any other reason. This may include medicines from the doctor, from the chemist or even herbal or homeopathic medicines. This is very important, some medicines affect each other when inside the body and may do more damage than good. Always check that it is safe to take a medicine before starting to use it, this can be done by telephoning or calling in at your nearest chemist.
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