Non-Productive Chesty Coughs

Productive and Non Productive coughs are very similar and as such have similar treatments. The best way of dealing with these coughs is to aid the natural coughing process which is attempting to remove the phlegm from the chest. This is done by use of agents which break the mucus up and therefore make it easier to cough the mucus off the chest. Another ingredient often added to products for chesty coughs is Cetylpyridinium which has a breath freshening action since catarrh can affect the odour of the breath.
There are four agents available which have expectorant properties: Medically these agents are describe as Expectorants.

There are also more general things you can do to help with your cough.

Ammonium Chloride

This expectorant is used in the more traditional remedies available for chesty coughs. It is often mixed with creosote, menthol or other ingredients to supplement its activity.


This is the most popular expectorant used in current medicines for non-productive chesty coughs. It is often accompanied by other ingredients for example decongestants, these help reduce nasal congestion.


This is possibly the second most popular ingredient. Again it is often accompanied by other active ingredients in formulations that also acts to combat nasal congection.


This ingredient is usually added to products containing
glycerin. For example glycerin, honey and lemon with ipecacuanha.

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