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As regular readers will be aware, PharmWeb has become the number one source of pharmaceutical information on the Internet. The site has grown since its inception in 1994, and a big thank you to the regular PharmWeb users who have helped to shape the development of our site. We have grown largely in response to your feedback and requests.

The Internet has changed dramatically since the early days, with millions of new users coming on line each month. Developments in Internet Technology mean that there are many new products and services we can bring to you.

With this in mind, we are currently looking at the value PharmWeb delivers to each of our users, the communities to which they belong, and how this can be enhanced.

Understanding the profile of our readers and seeking your views are vital steps towards maintaining a world leading position among the pharmaceutical community.

Please take a few moments to complete the short questionnaire below.

If you work in a pharmaceutical organisation, we would be grateful if you could circulate the address of this web page within your local mailing lists, we want as much feedback as possible as we redevelop the site.

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We will be awarding 7 prizes to all members of the PharmWeb News list who have completed the questionnaire. The draw will be made on the 31st July. The prizes are bottles of champagne for the winners, or, if you prefer, we are also offering alternative prizes of a 50 dollar book voucher.

1) Are you

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9) Which products and services are you mainly responsible for procuring?

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10) How long you been using PharmWeb? 

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12) What is your prime reason for visiting the site? 

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13) Where else do you get your Pharmaceutical Information?

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14) If you were looking for a job in the last 12 months, where did you look? 

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15) Do you buy / sell products and services on the Internet at present?

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16) How likely are you to use the Internet to buy / sell products and services in the future?

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17) How likely would you be to purchase the following products and services through PharmWeb?


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Looking for a job

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Buying academic books and other publications

Booking a conference

Subscribing to an on-line conference

Buying on-line training

Purchasing pharmaceutical equipment

Participate in on-line auctions (buyer/seller)

Purchasing of drugs/excipients

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18) If PharmWeb were to carry a comprehensive world-wide classified jobs section for our industry, how much would you be prepared to pay for one months access to that service?

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19) PharmWeb would like to hear from potential sponsors/advertisers.

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20) We wish to develop the world's leading news service for the pharmaceutical industry. Would you be prepared to contribute?

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