What is PharmSearch

PharmSearch is a specialised search engine designed to focus on pharmaceutical and health-related information. As the Internet grows in size it is becoming progressively harder to find useful and high quality information. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that a large proportion of the information on the Internet can not be relied on for accuracy or arises from unknown sources. Unlike conventional search systems on the Internet, PharmSearch only indexes information from verified sources.

All the information maintained on PharmWeb is indexed by PharmSearch, together with the information of key organisations that maintain sites on PharmWeb. In addition, PharmSearch is configured to index specific sites on the Internet relevant to our readers. Our focus is quality rather than quantity of information. A wide range of organisations are indexed by PharmSearch including pharmaceutical companies, government and regulatory bodies, societies, and publishers.

If you would like your organisation added to our database, or require further information, please contact us at PharmWeb.



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