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PharmWeb UK Academic Pharmacy Discussion Group

The PharmWeb UK Academic Pharmacy Discussion Group is designed to provide a vehicle for the free exchange of information, questions and answers about current issues, and other matters relevant to academic pharmacy. The discussion group is open to pharmacists and related academics in the UK.

We are looking for an academic pharmacist who is willing to act as a moderator for this list. If you are interested please contact us at PharmWeb.

We are also seeking sponsors of this page. If you are interested please contact us at PharmWeb.

If you would like to read messages sent to the group you can either view the archive, or alternatively, directly receive e-mail messages by joining the group.

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Sending a Message to the Discussion Group

You can contribute by sending an e-mail message to AcademicUK@www2.pharmweb.net

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Joining/Leaving the Discussion Group

If you would like to join or leave this discussion group then please submit the form below. If you join the group then an e-mail message will be sent to you confirming your request. Once you receive this e-mail, please respond within 7 days to confirm that you wish to join the discussion group. Please note that a reply will only be sent to a valid e-mail address (if you do not receive a message your e-mail address may not have been recognised).

A help file can also be obtained using this form. This will explain how to use this service using simple e-mail commands rather than a web interface.

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