How Long Does Duac Take To Work?

Skin problems can be frustrating and there’s a huge range of different treatments out there that are designed to help. If you experience long-term persistent acne then you might have heard of Duac gel — but what is it and is it right for you? We take a look at all the common questions you might have about using Duac gel.

What is Duac?

Duac gel is a prescription treatment for acne that contains two key ingredients, benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin, which can help to clear skin and prevent further breakouts. It's a prescription-only treatment, but convenient despite that: an online pharmacy such as The Independent Pharmacy can ship you Duac 3% or 5% gel if you have a prescription or complete an online consultation.

Benzoyl peroxide is an antibacterial ingredient that kills some of the bacteria that cause or worsen acne. It also breaks down the top layer of skin to clear old, dead skin and can help to keep pores unclogged. Clindamycin is an antibiotic ingredient, which attacks the bacteria that can get trapped in pores and cause spots and blemishes. Together these ingredients reduce the potential for bacteria to make acne worse and allow fresh, healthy skin to appear. 

How do you use Duac? 

Duac gel is primarily intended to treat moderate acne, when the skin is red and inflamed, and shouldn’t be used at the same time as other acne treatments. As with any prescription treatment, it’s important to discuss your options with a pharmacist or doctor, and fully understand how to use it and how it will affect your skin.

The Duac gel should be applied directly to the skin once a day, preferably in the evenings before you go to bed. It needs to be applied to clean skin, so wash with warm water and pat dry the affected area beforehand. Then use your fingertips to apply the recommended amount of gel onto your skin. 

How long does Duac take to work? 

One of the most common things users want to know about using Duac is how well it gets results. How long does Duac take to work? Well, you can’t expect to see results overnight. As with any acne treatment, the amount of time it takes to work will vary depending on your skin. But you can usually expect to start seeing obvious changes to your acne within 2-4 weeks, and results should improve the longer you use it.

Most people are prescribed Duac for a twelve-week course, but if it’s effective you might continue to use it if necessary. 

What else can you do to manage acne? 

Although you shouldn’t use other prescription acne treatments alongside Duac gel unless told to by a pharmacist or doctor, there are other things you can do to improve your skin. 

Look at your diet

You might want to think about which foods can impact your acne. In some people consuming refined grains and sugar can be a cause of acne — foods like bread, pasta made with white flour, white rice, and drinks high in sugar contain a lot of refined carbohydrates, which could be a problem. 

Dairy products can also worsen acne for some people, although it's not clear exactly why. But consuming a healthy, balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, reducing your sugar intake, and drinking enough water can help improve your skin.

Take care of your skin

You also need to take proper care of your skin, especially during the winter months. Don't wash acne-prone skin excessively, and don't use harsh products — it's important not to dry out your skin. Even if your skin feels oily, if you wash it too frequently or use the wrong products, your skin ends up overcompensating and producing more oil, which makes your skin worse.

Use mostly oil-free skincare products, and don't use thick creams that can clog up your pores. If you need to wear makeup then choose lighter products and make sure to keep your applicators and brushes clean so you don't spread bacteria around your face. And it's also important to touch your skin as little as possible — any contact is going to make your acne worse. 

If you’re struggling with acne then Duac gel is definitely something that you should look into, but keep in mind that it doesn’t work for everyone and there are alternatives that might be better for your skin.


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